Man with Van Birmingham

Man with Van Birmingham

Here at Midlands Removals, we are proud to offer our most popular service “Man with van Birmingham“. With this service, our customers get to hire 1 man with a van, 2 men with a van or even 3 men with a van.With our 1 man with van service, you get to hire an experienced driver with a van who will assist you load and offload all your belongings at your desired destination. If you are looking for a more affordable removal option, our man with a van Birmingham service could be the solution for you.With this service, you get to hire just one man with a van to assist you move whether within the Midlands or to any part of the country.

This service has proven very popular amongst students and all those that love a good workout every so often while keeping a close eye on their precious belongings.Our rates for this service are certainly lower compared to any other service. Please call, text or email us to find out the costs of this service.

The most popular service on our man with van offer is the 2 man with a van service. This is by far the easiest and most efficient way to move. Given that all our staff are trained, experienced and have a good knowledge of the local area; you are guaranteed that all your belongings will be shifted without fail! Should you have any of your furniture dismantling, our staff will be able to do this for you and also reassemble it for you at your new premises.With this removal service option, you rarely have to do anything on the day besides have your cup of tea and indicate to us where you would like each box to be.

man with van birmingham

Our Growth

As we grow as a company, every now and again we get to do the big moves. This is when we would advise our customers to hire our 3 man with a van service. This will make your move go a lot quicker and save you a lot of time in return. Nothing is better than shared energy on a big move! For us it’s fun and it flows really well. Please call, text or email us to find out more about this service.

We take great care when wrapping and loading all furniture to avoid any damages. Hire our man with van and you won’t be disappointed! We kindly advise all our customers to be fully packed and prepared before the day of the move.

This will save time and money as we aim to make moving very easy and straight forward for you.We can order and deliver packaging materials for you, simply book with us in advance, let us know what removal packaging materials you would need and we will get it to you. Please note that our man with van service is also available in Coventry, Solihull, Sutton Coldfield, Derby, Leicester and other surrounding areas.

Furniture Dismantling/Reassembly

At Midlands Removals we have experienced staff who have dealt with all types and brands of furnishing, They know exactly how to dismantle and reassemble any interior piece you might need assistance with. Regardless of the size and type of furniture you have, the experts at Midlands Removals can take care of it!
You can rest assured that once you’ve arranged for your service and specified your details, our specialists will come to your residence in Birmingham and the Midlands and will properly disassemble and pack your furniture, before transporting it to your new residence or helping you place it in storage.

After all your furniture has been transported to your new residence, it will be put back together, in the way it was before it was taken apart and transported. Should you require to take a disassembled piece out of storage, regardless of the reason, give us a call and we’ll send our specialists to assist you with each step of the assembly process. Midlands Removals want to make everything as easy as possible for you.

When it comes to dismantling or assembling furniture, you often need more than one pair of hands and it’s often quite a hassle. Especially when that bed won’t fit through the door! Our team have the expertise and experience to quickly dismantle and reassemble all kinds of furniture. All you need to do is ask. Let us do the hard work for you while you focus on more important matters.

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